While hiking around Kyushu.
Camper in Japan.
The crew went hiking for the day at Mt Kuju National Park.
Click the link to see the jewels Marijke was able to record:

Camper in Japan.
This time of the year, the weather & temperature in Kyushu is so nice. Care for joining me for a hike or a walk around town?


Another great day hiking at Mt Kuju in central Kyushu. The use of a campervan  for logistics and lodging is just so obvious.

Camper in Japan.
Sakura in Itoshima.
Yesterday i checked out these trees… And yes, the first buds are almost open. Join me for a hike?

Camper in Japan.

Doesn’t this picture show color and joy?
Rental camper is a great way to explore #Kyushu‘s nature.
And if birdwatching is your cookie…you’re at the right place.






RVing in Japan.
Autumn is superb for outdoors. See the sights, see the colors.
Explore Kyushu by rental camper, way to go.
DM for details and pricing.

RVing in Japan.
Things you see when you get off the beaten track.
While hiking the Mt Aso plains we crossed track with this friendly Anaguma kun.
So cute.
Explore by rental camper, way to go.

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