RVing in Japan.

Camper in Japan.
True is true, driving the expressways isn’t the most charming things to do.
But: Safe, good conditions & signs and very little congestions will take you quickly to where you like to go.

RVing in Japan.
Delivering two of our campers to Narita Airport.
And look what we spotted while taking a rest…..
Mt Fuji, snow capped and with a hat.
Ain’t she a beauty?
Explore by rental camper, way to go.

RVing in Japan.
Breathtaking Mt Aso, Kumamoto.
Indeed some roads in are a challenge… but isn’t that fun too?
Explore Kyushu by camper, way to go.

RVing in Japan.
Driving around the countryside, you might spot some Old & Tall trees. Usually they will mark a temple.  Time for peace & a stroll and realize: Hey, this
is Nippon.
Like to rent a camper? DM for details & pricing.

RVing in Japan.
So much more to see and to experience when you have wheels.
Out trip took us to the Itoshima Seasalt Factory.
Rental camper, way to explore Kyushu.

RVing in Japan. Famous terraced rice fields in Saga ken. Isn’t exploring Kyushu with a campervan great fun? Don’t forget your camera .      Rental camper, way to go.

True is True, not all is glamour and shine in Japan.
But housing like this do tell a story.
Get out of town and explore the countryside.
Rental camper, way to go.


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