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Here we like to share with you what our happy customers like to share with us.


Cherry Blossom forecast 2019

Thinking about a trip to Japan to enjoy the Cherry Blossom sights?

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About us

Our base is Yanagawa in Fukuoka (Kyushu).   Our service includes  1-way rental. Like here we meet our customers at Narita Airport. They themselves then drive and explore Honshu and Kyushu. Way to go and truly enjoy Japan.

RVing in Japan. Wow, just got a memo from Mr Google Maps that this pictures has been viewed over 20.000 times. It’s us @ Kyushu Rental Camper. And yes, we’re proud.

While hiking around Kyushu.

Camper in Japan.
Doesn’t this picture show color and joy?
Rental camper is a great way to explore #Kyushu‘s nature.
And if birdwatching is your cookie…you’re at the right place.






RVing in Japan.
Autumn is superb for outdoors. See the sights, see the colors.
Explore Kyushu by rental camper, way to go.
DM for details and pricing.

RVing in Japan.
Things you see when you get off the beaten track.
While hiking the Mt Aso plains we crossed track with this friendly Anaguma kun.
So cute.
Explore by rental camper, way to go.

RVing in Japan.

Camper in Japan.
All good signs: a 7-eleven convenience store, a road-station (michi no eki), a noodle restaurant and a perfect blue sky 
And of course our camper Auckland.
Explore Kyushu by rental camper.


Camper in Japan.
This tells it all…a small fishing port full of traditions. Explore rural areas and experience the mystic.
Rental camper, way to go.

Camper in Japan.

Driving above a Sea of Clouds. In this case at Mt Unzen in Nagasaki.

Camper in Japan.
Harvesting is a family affair.
Isn’t it something special to explore rural areas?
Rental camper, way to go.
DM for details and pricing


Camper in Japan.
We took this picture, to the day, 5 years ago.  Sweet memories driving around wintery wonderland Saga.
Can’t believe it: today it’s 11 degree C but same blue sky.
Exploring Kyushu by rental camper, so much fun.

Camper in Japan.
It’s official: 2019 is on the Go in Kyushu!!
And what a year it will be with soon Cherry Blossoms, a super long Golden Week, Rugby World Cup games, ……..
Time to plan your camper trip.
DM us for details and pricing.
(picture @ Marijke)

Camper in Japan.
The charm of visiting Japan: Festivals and traditions are abundant.
And truly, there is more to see than just Tokyo and Kyoto.
Explore Kyushu by rental camper.
DM for details and pricing.

Camper in Japan.
Winter is coming. How to stay warm? Well, japanese people luff their festivals and esp. during the winter, a lot are done with serious bon fires.
Join them and enjoy.
Rental camper, the perfect way to visit the festivals.
DM us for details and pricing.


Camper in Japan.
True is true, driving the expressways isn’t the most charming things to do.
But: Safe, good conditions & signs and very little congestions will take you quickly to where you like to go.

RVing in Japan.
Delivering two of our campers to Narita Airport.
And look what we spotted while taking a rest…..
Mt Fuji, snow capped and with a hat.
Ain’t she a beauty?
Explore by rental camper, way to go.

RVing in Japan.
Breathtaking Mt Aso, Kumamoto.
Indeed some roads in are a challenge… but isn’t that fun too?
Explore Kyushu by camper, way to go.

RVing in Japan.
Driving around the countryside, you might spot some Old & Tall trees. Usually they will mark a temple.  Time for peace & a stroll and realize: Hey, this
is Nippon.
Like to rent a camper? DM for details & pricing.

RVing in Japan.
So much more to see and to experience when you have wheels.
Out trip took us to the Itoshima Seasalt Factory.
Rental camper, way to explore Kyushu.

RVing in Japan. Famous terraced rice fields in Saga ken. Isn’t exploring Kyushu with a campervan great fun? Don’t forget your camera .      Rental camper, way to go.

True is True, not all is glamour and shine in Japan.
But housing like this do tell a story.
Get out of town and explore the countryside.
Rental camper, way to go.


Happy customers.

Some of our overseas customers who have enjoyed RVing  in Japan.

And all agree, seeing Japan by means of using a camper is just plain: Ichi ban

Thank you for riding with us!